Apply for a Grant

Biotoxin Foundation broadens its reach through free grants for any individual who suffers from mold or other dangerous toxin exposures. Through this grant, Biotoxin Foundation can fund the victim's surgeries, medical expenses, legal bills, housing alternatives, medications, and more.

Applicants must meet the following requirements to be considered for a grant:

• Certification of medical condition and legitimate medical records.
• A Social Security Number issued by the Social Security Administration.
• Certification of taxes.

Send the preceding requirements at contact@biotoxin.foundation after application.

Grant Terms & Conditions

• Grant is to be solely spent for the purpose they were approved for.
• Complete legitimate financial and medical records related to our funding must be submitted at the end of the agreed reporting period.
• Changes or termination relating to the grant of any degree are to be reported and requires Biotoxin Foundation’s approval.
• To assure that finances are spent to their intended purpose, Biotoxin Foundation shall handle all payments.
• Breach of Terms & Conditions will result to cancellation of grant.