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The world calls for, and expects from us, simplicity of life, the spirit of prayer, charity towards all, especially towards the lowly and the poor. There are not many options for people to cover their medical expenses or improve their home and work conditions affected by mold.

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Help The Poor Throughout Us

Your Biotoxin Journey

Are you a victim of toxins or any other toxin exposure? Share your journey with us! your story must be heard by the masses

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Helping Hand

Donate any amount to our Foundation. Your contributions will be used to provide grants to medical and legal professionals.

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Biotoxin Foundation broadens its reach through free grants for any individual who suffers from toxins or other dangerous toxin exposures.

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About us

A Dream In Their Mind is our mission

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Biotoxin Foundation was established in 2020, thanks to Jefferson Nunn’s genuine desire to help all people who were exposed to poisonous and toxic molds. Through his own, devastating experience, he quickly discovered that there were not many options for people to cover their medical expenses or improve their home and work conditions affected by mold. Jefferson never imagined then that his personal experience and the Biotoxin Foundation initiative, generosity, and commitment to help people would eventually benefit thousands more. Since 2020, we continue to be a source of support for local organizations beginning in Texas and all of the regions around the country that do their part in securing wellness and health.
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Our Fundraising Plans

Jefferson Nunn founded Biotoxin Foundation in early 2020. His purpose and cause were driven by his personal experience with toxic and poisonous molds. After suffering from symptoms caused by his personal exposure to mold, he discovered there were very few options for people enduring toxic mold. Doctors lacked sufficient education, medical science had little upon it, and there were very few ways to detect mold toxin inside a person. Through his personal experience, Jefferson decided to gather a group of like-minded individuals to found the Biotoxin Foundation

Creation of Laws

To support the creation of strong laws to protect society from biotoxin harm.

Educations & Awareness

To provide education and to raise awareness about biotoxins to the general public

Research & Development

To support research and development of biotoxin detection, treatments, and remedies

Protection & Relief

To collectively pray to the Divine for protection and relief from the harm caused by biotoxins








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There is a shocking amount of mold cases that go unnoticed, unknown, and untreated in the world. The prevalence of numerous health conditions that are speculated to be caused by mold is the mission of the Biotoxin Foundation. Our mission is to seek out scientists, medical diagnoses, and treatment for mold and mold-related health problems. We have curated some statistical data and facts on mold to show the severity of this problem.

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“Indoor air pollution – such as from dampness and mold, chemicals and other biological agents—is a major cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. About 1.5 million deaths each year are associated with the indoor combustion of solid fuels, the majority of which occur among women and children in low-income countries.”
-WHO (World Health Organization)

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