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Spirit of Giving

In the United States, mold is a hidden cause of death among infants, children, adults, and seniors. That is why the Biotoxin Foundation was created and has supported, from its beginnings, initiatives related to fighting this epidemic.

Since 2020, the Biotoxin Foundation is assisting and supporting those diagnosed with mold intoxication and subsequent long-term illnesses with housing, legal services, medical bills, and psychology services.
Biotoxin Foundation supports initiatives that focus on mold poisoning and mold exposure from a comprehensive approach, and that is why it is essential to make an extra effort to support research and compile relevant data.

Spirit of Service

Service Spirit is a pillar for the Biotoxin Foundation that encompasses all the other initiatives that work with aspects of health and quality of life. Through economic support and strategic partnerships, we achieve a fluid dynamic between programs that cover different issues. We share a common vision and commitment towards building ties with our community programs, from physical or mental, and prevention.

About US


Biotoxin Foundation was established in 2020, thanks to Jefferson Nunn’s genuine desire to help all people who were exposed to poisonous and toxic molds.

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Promote, strengthen and advance programs that have a focus on health and wellness for those affected by hazardous mold and eradicating these environments, unconditionally.

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Our Code of Ethics at the Biotoxin Foundation is the set of behavioral rules that our principles, volunteers, employees, and partners should follow to ensure the organization’s values are reflected in all business dealings

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The vision comes with a strategy. Starting in 2020, the Biotoxin Foundation Executive Team took on the role as an “Inclusion Advocates.” The Inclusion Advocates

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